Issue Assessment and Management

We solve real-time issues and prepare our clients for the next challenge.

We excel at helping clients understand the potential impact of public opinion on rate and fee decisions and develop effective advocacy strategies that achieve their short- and long-term objectives.

Project Feasibility Assessment

Clients rely on our decades-long experience in the energy industry to help them evaluate the regulatory viability and costs associated with proposed projects or business plan options.

Opportunities and Strategies

Our comprehensive experience in the energy industry enables us to recognize opportunities for our clients and aid in the implementation of strategies to achieve business goals. Our expertise in gas and electric power issues aids state regulatory commissions, state legislatures, and FERC in formulating workable solutions.

Monitoring and Reporting

Our constant monitoring of the changing landscape of energy regulation greatly benefits our clients. We review, consider, and report on major orders, decisions, and tariff filings, and we analyze and advise on their impact on affected industry segments.

Rate or fee proposals submitted by regulated public utilities are scrutinized for any impact on client interests. Our relationship with the leading industry analysts ensures we have current, objective information to enable clients to make informed decisions and implement strategic programs that meet business goals.