Strategic Counsel

Our specialization in the Western energy market is based on a strong foundation in state and federal energy law. We provide expert legal counsel to clients in numerous state and federal venues including the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission, the California Public Utilities Commission, the Public Utilities Commission of Nevada, the Washington Utilities and Transportation Commission, the Mississippi Public Service Commission, the California Energy Commission, and California Air Resources Board, among many others. We actively represent private businesses in California, Washington, Oregon, Nevada, and Hawaii, in addition to providing counsel for a number of other energy-related enterprises.

Distributed Energy Resources

Developing opportunities and maintaining profitability of combined heat and power facilities, waste heat to power resources, energy storage and other types of distributed energy.

Electricity Consumption

Expanding choices and minimizing rates for electricity purchases.

Interconnection and Grid Access

Securing favorable rights and limiting surcharges to bring new energy resources to the grid.

Market Entry

Guiding energy start-ups in their entry to the complex world of regulated electricity markets.

Renewable Resources

Maximizing market access and promoting rules that support project development.

Natural Gas Use

Optimizing alternatives and controlling delivery costs for natural gas service.

Natural Gas Production and Delivery

Ensuring reasonable rates and fair access to California’s natural gas infrastructure.